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Love, Understanding, Sensitivity and Trust were formed in 1997 with a line-up that featured Lukie D, Tony Curtis, Singing Melody and Thriller U. The group came to prominence when they performed at the MIDEM 97 festival in France.

The L.U.S.T. line-up was recruited by Paul ‘Bankeylous’ Giscombe who recognized the singers’ individual skills and promised to ensure their independent careers would not suffer. At the event the combination were promoting their debut, ‘Sweetness Of Your Love’ that later topped the reggae charts worldwide and led to accolades at the 1997 Tamika Reggae Awards in New York, USA. The quartet followed the hit with the equally popular, ‘Flex Me’. Giscombe’s initial reassurances had not convinced Lukie D as in the latter half of 1998 the singer felt that the group had not progressed and decided that he needed to concentrate on his solo work. Determined to promote his group Giscombe subsequently recruited Rik Rok who had previously worked with artists such as Mikey Bennett, Shaggy and Patra. In 1998, Rik Rok worked in the studio alongside the remainder of the group and embarked on a hectic touring schedule, including a notable performance was at the Beach Line Stage Show. Ducent initially experienced disapproval from the reggae media who asserted that it would be impossible to substitute Lukie D’s succinct vocal style, although judging from videos of his performance the audience clearly disagreed with the journalists. The singer approached the negative tabloid observations with conviction and performed in his own inimitable style. While the group maintained a high media profile, albeit negative, their subsequent recordings were greeted with indifference while individually the line-up enjoyed successful solo careers.