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In October, 2002, Code Red Band was created by a group of individually talented Jamaican musicians residing in South Florida. Word soon got around that there was a wicked band playing in various reggae clubs and shortly thereafter everyone was scrambling to hear this band. Code Red is dangerously talented and is one of the most sought after bands emerging out of South Florida. The mesmerizing sounds of this versatile band is hard to imagine and must be experienced to fully understand the loyalty of their many fans. Their deep reggae roots is obvious in the many ways their music tantalize the audience wherever they perform yet they can turn you out just. as well with an R&B track. Their performances inside and outside of the United States continue to capture rave reviews and will get any audience rocking as soon as they play the first note. With the strong and versatile lead vocals of Oneal A.Ras Baba Burton, singing originals as well as many of the audience favorites from any era, together with the excellent musicianship of Zemroy Zimma Lewis on bass guitar, Duwayne Shotta Hoilette on rhythm/lead guitar, Desmond Desi Gaynor on drums and Jason Jahson Farmer on keyboards. Each member of the band sings just as well which is evident in the melodious harmonies heard during their performances. Not only are they an awesome show band but are constantly sought as a backing band by artistes and promoters because of their ability to back any musical style, their dedication to the music and their work ethics. The band has performed at many prestigious events and worked with various popular international reggae artistes. Code Red Band is in the studios working on their first album which will include live performances as well as studio recordings. This record is anticipated to be of the highest quality representing the magical sounds of reggae music, from roots and culture to dancehall.