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About the event

The 14th Annual Caribbean and Jerk Culture Festival on May 29th at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. Join us and indulge in exotic cuisine while listening to rhythmic beats of the Caribbean and reconnecting with old friends. Bathe in the the sun and sip on fruity tropical drinks while meeting new friends. The Jerk and Caribbean Culture Festival has become a staple event in the Palm Beach Community and is a well anticipated annual event. This year we look to exceed our projected turnouts in even bigger numbers.

About Full-A-Vybez

Since established in 1996, Full-A-Vybez Inc. has transformed into a major promotions company organizing both large and small events geared towards the Caribbean culture. Spearheaded by UCF and Full Sail University graduate Damian Tater, Full-A-Vybez Inc. has rapidly become the preeminent brand within the industry. With Damian’s superior organizational skills and his extensive background in business and music engineering, he has fashioned the company into a model of excellence that is unparalleled. His passion and pure love for the art of promotion,

About 411-Pain

411- Pain works in conjunction with Full-A-Vybez Inc. to host the Palm Beach Jerk and Caribbean Culture Festival. 411 Pain is a medical and referral company that caters to the public in cases of emergency such as automobile accidents. The service provides attorneys and medical professionals to help the client handle the stressful process.