Thank you for your interest in covering a Full-A-Vybez Inc. Inc. Inc. event production. Once your application has been processed, our media directors will review your credentials. You will then receive an email confirmation informing you whether or not we can accommodate your request. Due to the high volume of requests received, tickets are limited to two per outlet, some media outlets will only be allotted one ticket.

14h Annual Palm Beach Jerk and Culture Festival
May 29th at the South Florida Fairgrounds
Deadline for Application is May19th, 2017
Completed and signed forms must be returned to: [email protected] and [email protected]

**Official letter of assignment from publication editor must be included with completed application form to be considered.
**Any pre-event media clippings should be attached/linked as well.


1. The accreditation is granted to journalists covering arts, culture, and music on a regular basis. Accreditation is granted only to professionals assigned by recognized media to cover the 14th Annual Palm Beach Jerk and Culture Festival. The organizers reserve the right to issue or not issue press credentials to anyone it chooses.

2. All media is required to do pre-event promotion. Any pre-event media clippings should be attached to Accreditation form.

3. Only requests complying with all conditions mentioned on this form shall be accepted. We must receive a COMPLETED FORM with documents by May 19, 2017 in order to process the request.

4. Press Accreditation is required for entry to all activities and events, press conferences, and the press room at Palm Beach Jerk and Culture Festival. It is mandatory to have your Press Badge with you at all times during your attendance and coverage of the event. The press accreditation badge that you may be issued, is for your use only, and is not transferable. Unauthorized use or transfer of your press credentials or badges will result in confiscation of those credentials, and you will be denied any further access to the premises. Press credentials and badges will not be replaced in case of theft or loss. The press badge is valid only for the Orlando Jerk and Culture Festival on May 19th 2017.

5. Press credentials will not be provided to freelancers unless specifically assigned by recognized media (print, broadcast, electronic, digital). Applicants must also meet all other requirements, as defined by Palm Beach Jerk and Culture Festival in order to obtain press credentials. Organizers reserve the right to issue, or not to issue press credentials to individuals or organizations based on proprietary, internal guidelines.

6. If you are not directly employed by a major media outlet, are a freelancer or this is your first time registering the below is also required with your application. Full-A-Vybez Inc. will not accept applications without these materials:

A LETTER OF VERIFICATION, on company letterhead, from the affiliation you are representing. Please note that submitting false documents will forfeit your application for our productions and any upcoming events produced or sponsored by Full-A-Vybez Inc.

2 EXAMPLES OF YOUR PREVIOUS FASHION RELATED COVERAGE. Please be sure to include as much information as you possible about your affiliation within your application including internet and website links via your online pss & Accreditation Account.


The following are policies and procedures for all media and press personnel in connection with the 14th Annual Palm Beach Jerk and Culture Festival May 29th, 2017. Access to the Palm Beach Jerk and Culture Festival is expressly conditioned upon all media and press personnel abiding by the following policies and procedures. These policies apply to any and all press personnel, whether print, television, radio, and otherwise.

1. All authorized press personnel (including film crews, photographers, reporters, and producers) must check in at the area designated at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. Organizers reserve the right to restrict the number of personnel from any single outlet that may be given access to the event.

2. Press personnel will be allowed to interview, photograph, and film artists in the designated press area back-stage. Photographers will be allowed to take photographs in the media pit front of stage. There is limited FILMING front of stage. Video footage will be available to media after the event.

3. All media and press personnel must follow instructions given by Palm Beach Jerk and Culture Festival and/or its representatives. Press accreditation is revocable at any time, for any reason including failure to follow any instructions, conditions, or restrictions.

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